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Introduction to Higher Apprenticeships

In this article we've summarised Higher Apprenticeships and included links to a useful guides including the benefits of apprenticeships to employers

Higher Apprenticeships are a government initiative that can lead to a level 4 or above qualification, which is the equivalent of a Higher Education (degree level) education. The table below illustrates the different types of apprenticeships available and their academic equivalents.

Level Name Equivalent
2 Intermediate Level Apprenticeship GCSEs
3 Advanced Level Apprenticeship A-levels
4 Higher Apprenticeship Certificate of Higher Education
5 Higher Apprenticeship Foundation Degree
6 Higher Apprenticeship Bachelor's Degree
7 Higher Apprenticeship Master's Degree

A Higher Apprenticeship functions much like a normal apprenticeship in the sense that it will give you a good mix of on and off-the-job training. Higher Apprenticeships are however designed to equip apprentices with more advanced skills and qualifications, in some cases; they offer another route to gaining a full bachelor’s or master’s degree as a core component of the apprenticeship. It really is a unique opportunity to earn whilst you learn.

The list of employers offering Higher Apprentices is increasing, particularly as people start to look for alternatives to a university to jumpstart their careers.

Higher Apprenticeships combine both higher and vocational education and fully test both the wider occupational competence and academic learning, either using a fully-integrated degree co-designed by employers and higher education institutions, or using a degree plus separate end assessment of professional competence.

A full list of higher and degree apprenticeship standards ready for delivery, and in development, can be found on the apprenticeship standards page.

The following link takes you to a useful guide for employers; it sets out the business benefits of higher and degree apprenticeships and provides further information on how to recruit an apprentice. It will be updated shortly to include information on the new degree apprenticeships.

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