Interview with Shelly Berhanu - BA (Hons) Online Learner

NCG Direct online learner, Shelly Berhanu discusses her experience of supported online learning

Shelly, why did you decide to study at degree with NCG Direct?

I’ve always been a very practical person who liked to work and keep busy, since the age of 16 I’ve enjoyed studying and being involved in business, full time study was never an option for me. This course gave me the opportunity to develop my professional skills in a practical environment whilst learning new competencies, it meant I could work and develop my professional skills in a practical environment whilst advancing my academic knowledge.

Did the NCG Direct FdA meet your expectations?

It did indeed exceed my expectations, I loved that I was able to do it at my own pace, which meant I could fit learning around work. Having to analyse my work for assignments meant I also looked at my employers business from different perspective, I found it very interesting, implementing and investigating different areas of the organisation, concluding new ways to change.

What specifically did you like most about your FdA programme?

My Personal online Tutors were always on hand when required, the tutors were genuinely very informative and responsive to email and calls. I really appreciated the e-learning course site content, it gave me a great insight into the topics studied and helped with the assignments.

Why did you decide to progress onto the BA(hons) course with NCG Direct?

I enjoyed the Foundation degree and felt confident to progress, learning in the same way with the same system. The BA(Hons) in Leadership and Business Management was the natural course to progress to, online learning suits my lifestyle and the way I want to continue my studies whilst working.

Would you recommend NCG Direct to another learner?

I have been recommending and talking about my course none stop since I started it! I really think it's a great opportunity for those who work, also great for the younger generation who coming out of sixth form have no experience, they can use this as a backbone whilst starting a career and gaining experience. Experience really means a lot today and you learn a lot from practical experiences.

Please explain any business specific challenge that the FdA helped you overcome whilst on programme.

We did a very big piece on business systems and functionality, I can say my research and investigation definitely helped out in figuring out the underlying issues in the business, and implementing theories and plans to improve. Great path to take! Definitely supports getting all the skills you need to develop with your business

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