Your Learning Journey

​Newcastle College Business Academy (NCBA) aim to provide you with the best value possible when you decide to enrol onto one of our distance learning courses. The following information will outline the journey you will take whilst studying with us.

1. Choosing a course

Choosing which course to study with Newcastle College Business Acadamy could not be easier. Our enquiries team are experienced in providing detailed initial advice and guidance to support our learners in identifying the right course and suitable level to start at. Our accredited delivery partners including AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) and CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) have diagnostic tests that can be completed to ascertain which level you are at.

Once you have enquired and identified the right course for you, you simply apply for your course using this website. Click on the course you wish to apply for, choose the month you wish to start and complete the online application form. This process will take you approximately 10 minutes.

Once we have received your application, one of our enrolments team will contact you by telephone or email. The enrolments team will confirm your application and complete the application process before accepting you onto the course.

Information and support will be provided to you at this point for applying for any applicable funding or organising sponsorship information if your course is employer funded. We will supply you with your funding letter or with any required Student Loan Codes. Additional information is available here to support you through this process.

Your Learner Agreement will then be sent out for you to sign and return; your induction pack is then sent to you and your studies commence. Your Curriculum Leader will be in touch to arrange your personal induction, to start your supported online learning journey with NCBA.

2. Starting Your Course

Starting a new course can sometimes be daunting with lots of information to absorb. That’s why we provide you with a comprehensive induction site to login to and complete to give you as much information as we can about your course.

Your induction site aims to:

  • Induct you onto your NCBA programme
  • Show you how to access your course site and materials
  • Explain how you will learn and be assessed
  • Provide you with information to support you through your studies
  • Set out what you should do next​

3. Learning and Assessment

One way of being a successful distance learner is to become aware of the different materials and content available to you. Once you know how these different mechanisms work and where they are located then studying online becomes a little easier. 

Studying Online

Studying online is a balancing act between finding the time to work on your course whilst working and having time to spend with family and friends. Try not to underestimate the amount of time taken to study the course materials online, research and write an assessment. We will provide you with a range of systems and support to allow you to complete sessions, assessments and the programme to the best of your ability.

Unlike a traditional campus-based university environment, our courses utilise a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Our online platform provides you with all the e-learning content, activities, resources and assessments to enable you to successfully complete your course. 

You will not need to travel to attend any physical classes (other than to attend the course induction if you have agreed to that option); studying is carried out entirely online and your programme of study can fit around your work and personal commitments. Whilst it is not a requirement of the course that you attend any classes, we do offer optional enhancement events each year.


A range of assessment methods are used which are appropriate to distance and online learning modes of delivery. The programme you are studying will determine who sets your assessments. 

  • If you are on a Foundation or Honours Degree programme the assessments will be set and marked by Newcastle College Business Academy. 
  • If you are on a professional course of study (for example, AAT, CIM or CILEx), all or the majority of the assessments are set and marked externally by the professional bodies. 

4. Completing Your Studies

On completion of your studies with Newcastle College Business Academy, we will support you in preparing for any final assignment submissions or examinations. We will prepare your work ready for submission to the relevant Higher Education boards whilst providing you with the confidence to succeed. On successful completion of our Higher Education programmes you will be invited to a graduation to celebrate your completion and your success alongside your peers

On successful completion of our Professional Qualifications you will be awarded with a certification from your accredited awarding body. You will be able to place your qualification on your CV ready for future employment opportunities.

5. Achieving Your Potential

Now you have unlocked your potential with Newcastle College Business Academy we will support you in achieving this. We have employability advice and guidance available, giving you an outline on what employment options you could potentially pursue now you have completed your studies. You can also speak with your Curriculum Leader or NCBA engagement team for further advice

Our enquires team can also support with identifying any progression courses that may be available to you should you wish to continue your personal and professional development with NCBA.

Interested in a course?

If you’d like to find out more about our distance learning courses, please contact our enquiries team.

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